404 Testimonials - Property Inventory Services in Bournemouth and Poole


“As a professional landlord, I am very familiar with conventional inventory services, which of course consist of photographs and a written description of a house and its contents. However, when one of my properties became vacant earlier this year, I decided to try HD Inventories and was amazed at the almost forensic approach they took in videoing – in minute detail – every aspect of the house. Frankly using a video inventory service is in a different league to conventional inventory services and I will certainly always use HD Inventories for my properties.”

Tony Law, Landlord, Bournemouth

At Move On Rentals we aim to provide the best service to our clients and HD Inventories help us ensure our landlords get the best possible protection for their rental properties. Each DVD and written inventory is very detailed and both landlords and tenants have been impressed by the service we can now offer, as it shows a very accurate view of the condition of the property when tenants move in.

HD Inventories will always work around our schedule to ensure inventories are produced in time for tenants moving in, even when it is a quick turnaround.

We would have no hesitation in recommending HD Inventories, as we know they will always deliver the best, possible, professional service as nothing is ever too much trouble.

Gina Parry, Move On Rentals - Poole

I can only thank HD Inventories for providing us with the evidence we needed when our tenant left extensive damage in our property.

Having the incredibly detailed video and written reports of the “before and after” condition of the house gave us the confidence we needed to claim for the full deposit to be refunded to us by the DPS.

HD Inventories helped us throughout the process and 5 weeks after the tenants moved out we got the full deposit money sent to us by the DPS.

Needless to say, we will continue to use HD Inventories in the future and we recommend them to all landlords who want to make sure they don’t lose out if tenants damage their property.

Maria Sethre, Landlady – Bournemouth

 “We can highly recommend the services of HD Inventories.  Its imperative when dealing with a residential or commercial tenancy situation that an accurate record of the condition of the property is kept and agreed by both parties at the beginning so that its clear and there is far less likelihood of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.  Providing a video inventory supported by written evidence and a commentary is by far the best way to do this and HD Inventories provide an extremely quick and efficient service at a very reasonable price.  We do not hesitate in recommending them to our residential and commercial clients and are always pleased to work with them

Melanie Clayton, Director/ SolicitorMatthew & Matthew Solicitors

HD Inventories are totally reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with.  They have helped us out with Inventories at the last moment and I couldn’t recommend them strongly enough. “

 Martin Hayes, Lettings Manager, Legrand Estate AgentsBournemouth

‘As a property professional I appreciate the importance of getting things right from the very beginning, which  is why I am so impressed with HD Inventories. The video they provide to support the extremely detailed written inventory means that Tenants know how important it is to take care of the property from day one!   It puts me in full control and helps me avoid any of those dreaded disputes at the end of the tenancy.  I use HD Inventories for all my properties and have no hesitation in recommending them to my landlord Clients.”

Debbie J Boyes – Landlady – Debbie J Boyes Mortgages

At Northwood Rental Agents we used HD Inventories on a regular basis. The content in the inventories is phenomenal! Absolutely imperative to every Landlord and Tenant! Their approach to their clients is personable and very professional, the quick turn around time as well as the high attention to detail is impressive. I would highly recommend Evelyn and her team of Inventory Consultants.”

Amanda Burger – Lettings Manager