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About Us

Property Inventories BournemouthWe provide the highest level of protection for your rental properties. Our comprehensive written property inventories are supported by detailed video footage recorded in High Definition. A typical 30 minute video inventory will provide the equivalent of over 30,000 photographs, so you know every part of your property is covered. This ensures adjudicators at the Deposit Protection Schemes have indisputable evidence of the condition of the property before and after the tenancy.

We are landlords and property professionals who have been in this industry in the Bournemouth and Poole areas for over 10 years. Our own experience and that of our clients has shown how important is to protect your investment against damages caused by tenants. Unfortunately, tenancy deposit rules seem to favour tenants and landlords are often left facing losses unless they have indisputable evidence.

The one and only purpose of an inventory is to provide legally unassailable, complete and objective evidence of the contents and condition of a property at the commencement of each new tenancy. Unfortunately, landlords are losing millions of pounds every year for legally weak, incomplete and subjective written descriptions, sometimes accompanied by photographs, of the contents and some of the condition of their properties. According to the DPS and MyDeposits 80%-92% of landlords lose money in deposit disputes.

This is why our inventory service backed by video evidence provides the best possible protection for your investment at the same price as an old fashioned written inventory. Our Inventory Clerks are available to deliver the best inventory services 7 days a week with a fast turnaround. If you have an urgent inventory you can rely on us.

To learn more about what our customers have to say about our unique inventory service see the Customers Testimonials section.

We are always happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions about our property inventories or any other property matters. We might not always have all the answers but we will do our best to help.