404 Inventories For Landlords - Property Inventory Services in Bournemouth and Poole

Inventories For Landlords

Only the indisputable evidence provided by our detailed written inventories supported by a full video recording of your entire property  protects your rights, minimises the risks and takes away the hassle of deposit disputes.

There is nothing more disheartening at the end of the tenancy than having to spend thousands putting things right just to find out that due to lack of evidence you cannot claim it back from the tenant’s deposit.

This is why a thorough property inventory is such an essential component of any tenancy agreement. Without one, you can wave goodbye to your chances of ever recouping those costs.

To make matters worse, the rules governing the Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes place the onus on the landlord to provide evidence that the tenants have broken their agreement and an amount has to be deducted from the deposit. And this evidence has to be of such strength that there is no room for doubts. If in doubt, the decision will always go in favour of the tenants.

In this new environment old-fashioned written inventories, even if they are accompanied by few pictures, are simply no longer good enough.

The services we offer include:

  • Check in inventory
  • Check in service
  • Interim inspection
  • Check out inspection

What do I get when I order an inventory from HD Inventories?

  • 2 high quality, dated DVD copies of your video inventory
  • 2 copies of a detailed written inventory of the property


  • An appointment at your convenience
  • A fast turnaround – Typically 24 to 48 hours
  • A professional service by a  highly trained inventory agent
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee


If you want the peace of mind offered by HD Inventories please contact us now.

** Prices for a video inventory start at £50. Prices vary according to size and property type and whether it is furnished or unfurnished.