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Help! I Have a Deposit Dispute

Inventory Service Bournemouth and PooleThis is every landlord worst headache. The tenancy has ended and the property is left in a sorry state. What to do next?

Whether the deposit was protected with the DPS, TDS or any of the other deposit schemes the underlying principle is the same: The deposit money belongs to the tenant. Following on this principle the landlord needs to prove that he is entitled to some of this money.

The process by which the claim is evaluated and a decision is made is called РІР‚adjudicationРІР‚в„ў. Each deposit scheme has its own team of adjudicators which will look at the evidence provided and make a decision. The key for landlords is to provide the strongest possible evidence to support their claim.

Here are some key pointers when submitting a deposit claim:

-        Provide a copy of the Tenancy Agreement – This has to state clearly what the deposit can be used for.

-        Provide a copy of the Check-In Inventory – This must be a comprehensive and detailed schedule of condition, ideally with video or photographic evidence, compiled by an independent professional and signed by the tenants.

-        Provide a copy of the Check-Out Report – This must highlight the discrepancies that were found after the tenants moved out. Again an independently compiled report with strong visual evidence will bear much more weight in front of the adjudicator.

-        Provide copy of invoices and quotes – Showing the work that was done to restore the property to its original condition. In addition, invoices of work carried out and items bought before the tenancy started will also help (i.e. invoice for new carpets fitted before tenancy started).

-В В В В В В В  Remember to account for вЂfair wear and tear’ – Items have a life expectancy. Do account for this in your claim. For example, a brand new carpet of average quality is expected to last around 6 years.

-В В В В В В В  Remember the principle of вЂbetterment’ – On the said carpet, if it was rendered unfit for purpose after 2 years and you had to replace it with a new one, you cannot claim the full replacement cost. More on this on next month’s article….

It is also very important to remember that adjudicatorРІР‚в„ўs decisions are final. Therefore it is critical to ensure your claim is well presented and compelling.

If you need any help with a deposit dispute please contact us for a free no-obligation chat.

Are Adjudicators Biased Against Landlords?

In this interesting post from Tom Derret in the landlord blog he discusses the challenges landlords face when going to adjudication.

Horror stories abound about how landlords, faced with trashed properties costing thousands of pounds to put right, have put in a claim for the deposit, only to have the adjudicator award all the money to the tenant.” Read the full post here.

It is clear that the key for landlords is to have indisputable evidence of the condition of the property before and after the tenancy. Without this, adjudicators will always decide to refund the deposit to the tenant.

Only the unassailable evidence provided by a comprehensive written inventory supported by video evidence ensures that landlords are protected. And if a dispute arises, our FREE DISPUTE RESOLUTION GUARANTEE ensures that you will be in the best possible hands!


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