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Renting to Tenants with Pets

Property inventory service Bournemouth and Poole According to the latest reports 45% of UK households have pets. This presents landlords with a difficult dilemma:Р’В  Should you allow pets into your rental properties?

For many landlords the default answer is РІР‚noРІР‚в„ў. This leaves a large number of tenants facing great difficulties in finding a suitable property for themselves and their little friends. In reality, should the property lease allow it, pets do not have to be a complete no-go area. Especially as pet owners are more likely to pay higher rents and stay for longer periods in the property.

Here are some key pointers on how to ensure you tap safely into this market segment:

  • Speak to the previous landlord to obtain references regarding the pets.
  • Establish clearly in your tenancy agreement the type and number of pets you allow in the property.
  • Ask for a higher deposit to cover potential damages.
  • Add a clause to the agreement asking for the property to be professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy, including carpets and outside areas.
  • Conduct regular inspections.
  • Ensure a through property inventory is prepared at the beginning of the tenancy. This should also cover all outside spaces.

Do you rent to tenants with pets? What is your experience? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comment.