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Interim Property Inspections – Do tenants need to approve?

Interim property inspections and the rules about them is one area where there is some confusion among landlords and tenants. We are asked regularly about the right procedure to follow and what can and cannot be done.

The correct procedure is quite simple. Tenants need to be notified at least 24 hours in advance (preferably in writing, although text messages, emails and telephone are also acceptable).

As long as the notice has been served the landlord or inventory clerk can enter the property to carry out the interim property inspection.Р’В There is no requirement for the tenant to approve the interim inspection. It is not necessary that tenants are present although we always recommend that they are as this allows to tackle any issues there and then.

We also recommend that the interim property inspection is carried out by an independent party and that the original property inventory is used for comparison purposes and to avoid missing any important issues.

It is also critical to produce a report after the inspection so both landlord and tenants are made aware of any problems and the necessary corrective actions.

In most cases catching problems early makes all the difference between an easy to fix problem or a costly nightmare.