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Has the Surf Reef done Anything for Boscombe?

This is a controversial question and judging by the word on the street most Bournemouth and Boscombe residents are somehow disappointedР’В  with the Surf Reef.

However, Bournemouth University is conducting a study which is showing how the artificial surf reef may have not been such a flop after all. The study, which involves collecting quantitative and qualitative data over a 3 year period, shows how the number of visitors to the Boscombe waterfront has increased by 30% since 2009. Furthermore, there is also some evidence that the demographics of the area are also changing and that Boscombe is “becoming more ‘artistic’ and retro in nature and some of this can be traced back to the emerging ‘surf culture‘”.

Our experience working with landlords and letting agents in the area also makes us think that things are changing for the better. We have seen an increase in the quality of properties which in turn are attracting more affluent tenants.

This is not to say that all the problems are a thing of the past but at least things seem to be moving in the right direction.

What do you think? Please leave us comment and give us your view. Has the Boscombe surf reef worked?