404 3 Simple Steps to a Successful Tenancy Check Out

3 Simple Steps to a Successful Tenancy Check Out

One important aspect of the tenancy management is the tenancy check-out process.

Landlords want to recover the property in the same condition as they let it in the first place so they can re-let it straight away. Tenants, on the other hand, are most likely moving to a new house and trying to juggle the many things involved with moving home which makes it likely that they forget to properly check that everything is done to the required standard.

Unfortunately, this results in bitter disputes between landlords and tenants and it creates problems that could be easily avoided if everyone knew what it is expected of them from the start.

For landlords it means rectifying problems, such as cleaning and repairs, and most importantly potentially losing rental income during the time the property is getting ready for the new tenants to move in or even for the property to be ready to be advertised and viewed by potential tenants.

For tenants it results in claims against their deposit which sometimes come as a shock as the cost of hiring professionals to carry out a job is usually higher than what they expect.

We find that following these 3 simple steps can avoid most of these problems:

  • Step 1 – Property Inventory – A detailed, independent property inventory at the beginning of the tenancy is essential to establish what the condition of the property was to begin with and to serve as a reference of what is expected at check out time.
  • Step 2 – Pre Check Out Letter and Checklist – 2 weeks before the check out send your tenants a letter containing a checklist so they know what it is expected of them. Make it clear that a professional, independent check out report will be compiled when they vacate the property and that failure to return the property as expected may result in a claim against their deposit.
  • Step 3 – Conduct a check out inspection – Make sure you get an independent check out inspection and report compiled. Any issues highlighted by this will bear much more weight in front of an adjudicator if they are properly documented by an independent party.

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