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Are Adjudicators Biased Against Landlords?

In this interesting post from Tom Derret in the landlord blog he discusses the challenges landlords face when going to adjudication.

Horror stories abound about how landlords, faced with trashed properties costing thousands of pounds to put right, have put in a claim for the deposit, only to have the adjudicator award all the money to the tenant.” Read the full post here.

It is clear that the key for landlords is to have indisputable evidence of the condition of the property before and after the tenancy. Without this, adjudicators will always decide to refund the deposit to the tenant.

Only the unassailable evidence provided by a comprehensive written inventory supported by video evidence ensures that landlords are protected. And if a dispute arises, our FREE DISPUTE RESOLUTION GUARANTEE ensures that you will be in the best possible hands!


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